Oriant Water Pump 0.5 Hp High Speed Crt (V-Type) (CI Body)

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Highlights of this pump is very compact, easy for installation and less maintenance. Special features include continuous operations, higher efficiencies, quiet operation and high working pressure. Self priming pumps are for operation without foot valves. Internal clearances are kept minimum and for this reason these pump sets are intended for use with clean water, free from solids , abrasives and fibrous material. This pump is used for domestic water supply, industrial applications, storage tank filling etc. Motor & pump portions of all pump-sets are tested as per the requirements of IS:8472. Motor bodies are made from high quality extruded aluminum. Dynamic balancing of rotor assembly ensures better life for bearings and seals. Pump portion is made up of close grained cast iron casing and brass forged impeller. Sealing is means of mechanical seal fitted over the shaft and the shaft is ground to close tolerances. Motor potion is specially designed to operate between 160 v to 240 v 50Hz AC single phase power supply.

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