Compium Zebronics ZEB-SW2494RUCF 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

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  • Ultra-Portable and elegant design. Compatible with PC, Laptop and Tablet.
  • Good quality stereo speaker with USB power,Recommended for small room spaces to experience better sound quality
  • Deliver clear and detailed sound with volume controller.
  • Fully functional remote control
  • USB and SD/MMC card reader

Product description

Zebronics ZEB-SW2494RUCF 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
Compact yet powerful speakers

Your search for top quality music speakers that come with powerful sound producing capacity and a compact design which makes them portable in nature ends with the Zebronics 2.1 Multimedia Speakers. Plug and play the favourite music tracks using the USB or SD card. The 2.1 speaker allows playing music from devices like MP3 player, PC, TV or any audio deivce. The subwoofer, reproducing low-pitched audio frequencies, comes with LED lights and digital display. The Sound Monster - Cube speaker also comes with built-in FM and full function remote control.

Better sound throw and compatibility
With a response frequency of 30Hz - 180KHz, these stylish multimedia speakers deliver powerful sound. The cutting edge sound technology of these speakers ensures that there is lesser distortion and you get to listen to every acoustic with utmost clarity. The volume controller feature makes it easy to increase and decrease the sound volume. you get to use these speakers with a PC, laptop, or tablet.

On-the-Go Usage
If you are a music lover and you travel frequently, then these Zebronics Soundwave 2.1 speakers are ideal for your use. With a 4 ohm impedance, the sound output is of a superior standard and the music is sure to reach every corner of the room effectively. This makes it a good value-for-money product if you want to carry your music collection wherever you go. Not only music, the speakers can be used for watching movies and playing games as well.

Other Specifications

1.LED Display
2.Supports USB pen drive & SD/MMC cards
3.Built-in FM
4.Supports MP3 file format
5.Full function remote control
6.Individual volume adjustment
7.Stylish design

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